When do we use the present simple

When do we use the present simple

icon128-2xAs an English Institute, we often get asked many questions about grammar. So I have decided to start a weekly blog where I explain short grammar points to help both our students in Dubai and people from all over the world who may be interested. Not only non-native speakers should read these blog articles but also  native speakers. Many of my friends, who are mainly native English speakers, don’t understand the grammar rules of the English language. Yes they know what is right and wrong but they don’t know why! So I will try to keep these blog posts short and interesting 🙂 


So when do we use the present simple? 

Well the present simple is used for different reasons.

1) It is used to talk about facts.
Example: The sky is blue or I do not speak Arabic

2) It is used to about habits or how often we do something.
Example: I go to work everyday at 8am or I drive to the supermarket on Wednesdays. 

3) It is used to promise and apologise.
Example: I promise I will not tell her or I apologise for being late. 
We also use the present simple with other similar verbs such as; I insist…, I agree…, I refuse…, I advise…


One of the difficult things about the present simple is the 3rd person singular (he, she, it, Peter, the house, the dog….)
When using the 3rd person singular, we need to use an ‘s’ and the end of the verb
Example: She works in London or The dog likes bread.

How de we make questions using the present simple? 

To make a question, we need to use the auxiliary ‘do’ or ‘does’. 
Example: Do you speak English? or Do you like chocolate? / Does she live in London? or Does the dog like bread?

So there we go! That is a quick explanation of the present simple. I will go into more detail about the present simple in a future post as we do use it for more reasons than I mention above. 

If you have any questions, feel free to leave a comment. 


The only verb that is different in the present simple is the verb ‘to be’.
Example: I am English or She is Spanish or The dogs are hungry.

When using questions with the verb ‘to be’ in the present simple we do not use the auxiliary ‘do’. We change the subject and verb.
Example: Am I English? or Is she Spanish? or Are the dogs hungry? 

Jake has been helping people learn English for over 10 years. He believes that everyone should access to quality and affordable education. He worked in Europe and the Middle East as a freelance corporate language trainer before opening his own institute in Dubai in 2013.

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