The Terms and Conditions below concern Daytime and Evening General and Business English programmes, and any other group programme with a continuous enrolment schedule. We ask that you read all the terms below, but at the very least, read and understand the sections marked in red.


General Terms and Conditions

  • Full payment is required prior to joining the programme.
  • Registration and material are included in the general programme fees. Any lost material must be replaced at the student’s expense.
  • If students do not attend a scheduled class, the class cannot be rescheduled and it will be considered as taken.
  • Group classes cannot be rescheduled by the student.
  • Speak English Language Institute reserves the right to cancel or reschedule a class or programme due to unforeseen circumstances.
  • Speak English Language Institute reserves the right to change the group teacher.
  • The student must sit a placement test prior to joining a programme.
  • Students are not permitted to invite other people, included children and other family members, into the group without payment.
  • Children under 10 years of age cannot be left unattended in the reception or waiting areas while the student is in class. Speak English Language Institute is not responsible for any children left unattended in the institute.


Rescheduling, Cancellations, Refunds

Please make sure you are available to study on the days you choose before enrolling to avoid any complications.

  • Remaining study weeks can be rescheduled, or converted to credit note, provided a notice is given 3 days before the week begins (by 5:00PM Thursday the week before).
  • An additional fee of 100AED is required when rescheduling any remaining study weeks.
  • Study weeks cancelled less than 3 days before the week begins cannot be rescheduled and will be considered as taken.
  • Study weeks or remaining classes cancelled after the week begins cannot be rescheduled and will be considered as taken.
  • Study weeks must be rescheduled within 6 months. Study weeks or credit notes not used within 6 months will be considered invalid.
  • Only 50% of study weeks or credit notes can be refunded in cash.
  • Refunds or credit notes will not be issued for individual group classes missed and these hours are not exchangeable for any other course or product.
  • A credit note must be used for an alternative group course or programme within 6 months.
  • Books and other learning material that are used will not be refunded or exchanged under any circumstances.
  • Once a refund or credit note is given, the student can no longer participate in the programme for which they have received the refunded money.


Public Holidays

Please contact your nursery, school or company to check which holidays they take.

  • Speak English Language Institute is closed only for holidays set for the ‘Private Company Sector’ of Dubai.
  • The institute is not closed during extra holidays as set for government organisations.
  • The value of any classes which fall on public holidays will be converted to credit note and can be used for any product or service that Speak English Language Institute offers. This value cannot be refunded in cash.
  • Any classes which are missed by the student due to differences in holiday schedules cannot be replaced.


Group and Level Changes

  • Changing to an alternative group of the same level is only possible if there is a seat available in the desired group and if the teachers and institute approve the change.
  • Students cannot change group partway through a study week. Students must finish the current week in which they are studying before moving to an alternative group.
  • It is not possible to try individual classes in an alternative groups before moving.
  • Changing from a group course to private is not possible.
  • Changing to a higher level is only possible if students can successfully pass the Language Cert exam for the level in which they are studying.
  • The cost of the Language Cert exam ranges from 290AED-400AED and must be paid before booking the exam date.