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65 Tips To Pass The IELTS exam

Check out these 65 IELTS tips to help you successfully prepare for the IELTS. Feel free to leave a comment at the bottom of the page if you have any questions. Enjoy! IELTS SPEAKING TIPS 1. In Speaking, don’t try to give a prepared speech, or talk about a different topic from the one you [...]

2017 IELTS Dates in Dubai

You will find all of the dates for 2017 IELTS dates in Dubai for both the General & Academic IELTS.   Please note - we recommend checking if there are still availabilities before deciding on a date.   If you would like more information about IELTS exam preparation and official IELTS exams in Dubai, please call us [...]

6 differences between IELTS and TOEFL

Join Our New Online IELTS Webinars Both the IELTS and the TOEFL are English proficiency tests needed for either university entrance, immigration or work. They are designed for non-native speakers who need to show organisations around the world that they have a certain level of English. Here are 6 differences between IELTS and TOEFL tests: [...]