4 Ways To Talk About The Past In English

One of the trickiest things to do correctly in English is use the correct verb form. Between infinitives, gerunds, participles and irregular verbs how do we choose the correct one!? One way to tackle this problem is to stop thinking about verb forms and to start thinking about the situations we are explaining when we [...]

6 English Words With Multiple Meanings

Over a million words make up the English language. Sounds like a lot right? But its actually way more, if you consider that many words have multiple meanings. In English we often use words that sound exactly the same to express totally different concepts, these are called homophones. We also use words that have the [...]

5 ways films can help improve your English

We all love watching movies and one of the great things about them is how they can help us improve a language. There are all sort of films out there that can help improve your English, from kids cartoons to more complicated films like thrillers and political movies.    I’m sure a lot of you […]