Business English


5 Tips To Help Speed Up Your Business English Proficiency!

Business English is often a necessity in today’s globalised world. English is the international language of commerce, and with so many opportunities to work in multinational companies, start-ups and overseas branches, don't let your knowledge of English hold you back! However, learning English at the level required for work and corporate life can be painstaking [...]

Ace your next business meeting with these 4 skills!

We’ve all been there – a new client is on board and your team needs to discuss how to move forward, a project is well underway and your superiors want an update on its progress, or you might be having an issue with a concept that you’d like to discuss with your colleagues – ping! [...]

6 tips to write effective emails

Nowadays we all receive hundreds of emails, whether personal or for work and it is easy for people to overlook your email if it is not written correctly. Your email needs to stand out and you have to use good writing skills to grab people’s attention.. Below are 6 tips to write effective emails.   [...]

Why study business English in Dubai?

Nowadays, most people realise that they need to know some English if they want to be ahead professionally or maybe just for traveling. Whatever the reason is, being able to speak English is an important skill that most people need, especially in Dubai. When studying business English, students will cover topics related to work and [...]