Why study business English in Dubai?

why study business english in dubai
Nowadays, most people realise that they need to know some English if they want to be ahead professionally or maybe just for traveling. Whatever the reason is, being able to speak English is an important skill that most people need, especially in Dubai.

When studying business English, students will cover topics related to work and business. General English courses will give students the skills to talk to friends and family and focuses on more social situations. Business English may cover skills such telephone conversations, giving presentations, specific vocabulary to the students field and so on.


  • How do students know if they should study general English or business English?

First of all, students need to decide what they need English for. If students need English to meet new people, travel and socialise then it is best to study general English. On the other hand, if students need English for more than just socialising and need it at work, then following a business English course is the best solution. However, it is better to have good knowledge and understanding of general English before studying business English. This is because when studying business English, students will focus on very specific topics such as negotiating, holding meetings, presenting products. To be able to talk about such specific topics it is essential to already have studied general English, as business English builds upon what students have already learned.


  • Why is business English important?
As I am writing this blog article, Dubai has just won the Expo 2020 and we would like to congratulate Dubai and the UAE on the win. This is great news and will bring many great opportunities to a lot of people in Dubai.
Dubai’s win of the Expo 2020 reinforces the importance of studying business English. The government estimates that the Universal Exhibition will create around 300 000 jobs in Dubai. People from all over the world will continue coming to live and work in Dubai and the need to communicate clearly with each other is becoming more important than ever. People wanting to come and work in Dubai are going to have to distinguish themselves from other candidates. Experience and qualifications are not enough in a very competitive employment market where job seekers need to have excellent English skills.
Companies are doing more and more business internationally. The importance of having staff who can communicate clearly in English is vital for such companies. This is valid whether working in tourism, import & export, sales, banking, insurance and so on.
  • When and where to study business English?

Most people who want to study business English in Dubai prefer to study in the evening as they work during the day. However, it is not unusual for people looking for employment to want to study during the day. Most language institutes in Dubai offer business English courses at the institute.

Companies wanting their staff to improve their employees’ business English skills often request language institutes to provide the training in-company. This is easier as employees stay on site and do not waste time traveling to an institute.


  • How long are business English courses?

This really depends on the level students have before starting the course and which level they want to achieve. As mentioned previously, students need a certain knowledge of general English before starting to study business English. Therefore, students may be required to follow a few general English courses before moving on to business English.

If students already have some knowledge of English (Intermediate or above) they will be able to start studying business English straight away. This is determined by doing a placement test in most cases. Courses usually run for 30/40 hours and it is not unusual to study 3 or 4 courses in order to really get a good grasp of business English.


  • Can students get a certificate when studying business English?
After studying business English, a lot of students want to show their future or current employers that they have invested time, energy and money and that they now have a good command of the English language.

Many exams are available which will test the student’ level and certificates are usually internationally recognised. Exams such as BEC (Business English Certificate), BULATS ( Business Language Testing Service) are offered by the University of Cambridge and can be taken in Dubai.


“One language sets you in a corridor for life. Two languages open every door along the way.” Frank Smith

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