Learning English in Dubai

learning english in dubai

Most people arriving in Dubai, whether for work or a long holiday, feel the need to improve their English. Even though Dubai is an Arabic speaking country, the language spoken by most people is English.

Professionals and holidaymakers therefore often look for a place where they can learn or improve their English. There are a few different language schools available in Dubai such as The British Council, International House and a few more.

However, these English Schools are all very similar in how they teach and although they suit some learners, a lot of people in Dubai are looking for something different.

Imagine an English School in Dubai that offers more than just classroom learning.

A school where the learner has the opportunity to learn and practice English in real life situations but which also offers a fun and interactive classroom environment.

This is now possible with Speak English Language Institute, the first English in Dubai that combines classroom learning with outdoor activities to help learners improve their English.

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Jake has been helping people learn English for over 10 years. He believes that everyone should access to quality and affordable education. He worked in Europe and the Middle East as a freelance corporate language trainer before opening his own institute in Dubai in 2013.


  • Hi..
    i read about your institute in your website and i think its so interesting specially you are using modern and different ways.
    And i want to improve my English language. So i have two questions..
    1st i want to know more about the courses specially speaking course and the prices

    2nd i read that you have arabic section and because my mother tounge is arabic and i have engineering degree so am asking if i can teach arabic as a part time

    Thank you so much

    Emad Reply

  • My name is shabeer, currently I am residing in Dubai . I want to learn english language . Now my problem is i can understand english language but I cant speak well and making lots of grammatical mistakes.

    shabeer Reply

    • Hi Shabeer, you can call us on 04 431 1232 and we will be happy to help.

      Jake Borland Reply

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