Our Arabic courses are designed for people with no or little knowledge of the Arabic language. We have carefully designed our Arabic courses to help non-Arabic speakers in Dubai improve their Arabic in an efficient and fun way. Our friendly team of qualified teachers is here to assist you in your learning process and help your move to the next level while building your confidence.

By joining our Arabic courses, you will learn to speak, write and discover more about the U.A.E’s culture.

Our Methodology

These Arabic courses are carefully designed for non-native Arabic speakers. Our Arabic teachers work hard to create a fun, effective Arabic learning experience that will forever be useful in your personal and professional life.

These student-focused Arabic courses give you the opportunity to practise all four skills, speaking, listening, reading and writing. You can decide how much of your class time is spent focussing on speaking and writing, but most students improve their speaking skills quicker than their reading and writing. However, over the long run, focusing on learning how to read and write will be of great benefit as you will soon be confident in looking up new Arabic words in the dictionary yourself.

Speak Institute’s Arabic courses are a blend of theory and practice using practical activities based on Communicative Language Teaching (CLT) methodology. These sessions cover a wide spectrum of areas including: the four language skills, language analysis and awareness, using internet tools / online learning, developing materials and promoting learner autonomy.

Cost of Private Arabic Courses

10-Hour Private Arabic Course

AED1,800Fees include registration, and 5% VAT (Material Sold Separately)

20-Hour Private Arabic Course

AED3,400Fees include registration, and 5% VAT (Material Sold Separately)
IELTS Course

Famous Arabic Quotes

 إن شاء الله [Insha’Allah]
This very famous term, meaning God willing is the equivalent of the word hopefully in English. e.g. Insha’Allah I will get a promotion. Although the saying has a religious connotation and appears often in the verses of the Qur’an, it’s also used by Arabic speakers in non-religious contexts.


ما شاء الله [Masha’Allah]
Another form of God willing. This expression is usually said after giving a compliment, in the same way that you say bless or knock on wood in English. It shows that someone is not envious of someone else’s fortune, and that God is the reason for that good fortune, e.g. Your eyes are beautiful, Masha’Allah.

Some famous and common Arabic words of wisdom.


 من عاشر القوم اربعين يوما، إما صار منهم أو رحل عنهم
[Man a’asharal qawna arba’eena yawman, imma sara minhum aw rahala a’anhum.]
Dwell among people for 40 days. You will either become one of them or flee them.


  يد واحدة لا تصفـّق
[Yadon waheeda la tusaffek.]
You cannot clap with one hand. Meaning: people should cooperate to get things done.


  الكتاب يقرأ من عنوانه
[Al kitabu yuqra’a min inwanihi.]
The meaning of a book can be judged from its title. Meaning: what you see is what you get (and not “you can’t judge a book by its cover”, which is the opposite metaphor in English).

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