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There are many great websites out there which can help you improve your English. However, there is one which stands out from the lot in my opinion. BBC Learning English is a great website for intermediate level students and above to learn English for free.

It offers so many things for non-native English speakers to improve their English skills. I have been using the BBC Learning English website for many years with my students and nearly all of them love it. They find it has a lot of useful information and many interesting articles about the news which have been adapted to English learners.

Personally, my favourite section of the website is “words in the news”. It provides learners with the opportunity to read real news articles about current stories.

The BBC doesn’t necessarily use simpler language, but shorten the text to make it more accessible to students.

On top of the reading, it offers the possibility to listen to the article being read by a native speaker. This is great listening practice for students to do at home! And they also explain the difficult vocabulary. What more could you want from a free website?

“Words in the news” is only a small section of the BBC Learning Website. You will also find a section about phrasal verbs (Face up to phrasals), another one about idiomatic expressions (The Teacher) and much more about everyday English.

I won’t go into to detail about everything this great website offers. If you are interested in improving your English by yourself or if you are a teacher looking for some extra ideas, go and visit it and look at all of the endless possibilities it offers learners and teachers.

In another blog post, I will share some more great websites. 🙂

Visit the BBC Learning Website

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