English is our main focusIt’s what we do well!
Class sizes are 10 students or less (average 7)Better conditions for you to learn!
There is only one fee to payAll material and registration fees are included in the price
We study at a comfortable speedWe spend enough time on each lesson
Our teachers are experienced and qualifiedWe only employ the best
We really care about your EnglishWhat you learn from us is our top priority

What we believe in.

At Speak, we believe in communication. Better communication between cultures, countries and companies. Better communication of ideas and beliefs achieves more understanding among people. We believe in a world where language isn’t a barrier. To achieve better communication, we have to start here in the classroom, one person at a time.


How do we do it?

Speak uses a modern approach to language teaching where students are guided to discover concepts or find answers themselves. Students are encouraged to help each other perform tasks and work on projects while the teacher assists with any vocabulary or grammar difficulties. This process ensures the students improve their fluency as well as their accuracy. This style of teaching is only effective in small groups with qualified experienced teachers.

We understand that your English course is an investment. Not only a financial investment, but more importantly, an investment of your time. Therefore, we promise that:

✓ Your class will have 10 students or less
✓ Your teacher will be a qualified and experienced native speaker
✓ You will practise speaking/listening/reading/writing

If we break any of these promises, we will refund your investment

The Team

✓ office employees
✓ housewives
✓ business professionals
✓ business owners
✓ holiday makers
✓ university students
✓ retired citizens
and many more…

Speak English Language Institute welcomes all nationalities from all walks of life. Whether you need to improve your English or Arabic for career advancement, or you just want to do something different in your day, Speak welcomes you to join one of our courses.

Note: Our courses are for adult learners and are not recommended for people under the age of 16. All students must register and take an entrance/placement test before joining our classes.

On your English course, you will enjoy a mixture of activities developed by us and activities from your course book. Enjoy interesting, authentic material through audio, video and written texts. We follow a balanced syllabus that is highly effective in the classroom.

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