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6 tips to write effective emails

Nowadays we all receive hundreds of emails, whether personal or for work and it is easy for people to overlook your email if it is not written correctly. Your email needs to stand out and you have to use good writing skills to grab people’s attention.. Below are 6 tips to write effective emails.   [...]

6 differences between IELTS and TOEFL

Both the IELTS and the TOEFL are English proficiency tests needed for either university entrance, immigration or work. They are designed for non-native speakers who need to show organisations around the world that they have a certain level of English. Here are 6 differences between IELTS and TOEFL tests: 1. IELTS is British, TOEFL is [...]

5 ways films can help improve your English

We all love watching movies and one of the great things about them is how they can help us improve a language. There are all sort of films out there that can help improve your English, from kids cartoons to more complicated films like thrillers and political movies.    I’m sure a lot of you […]


When do we use the present simple

As an English Institute, we often get asked many questions about grammar. So I have decided to start a weekly blog where I explain short grammar points to help both our students in Dubai and people from all over the world who may be interested. Not only non-native speakers should read these blog articles but […]


Addictive Apps that will Improve your English

While computer-based language learning has been popular for a long time, the technology that comes with the latest tablets and smart phones has the ability to revolutionise our approach to language learning with its multi-sensory and interactive potential. Responsive touch screens, improved text entry, high-quality image, audio and video recording, editing, and sharing, voice recognition, […]


How important is English at work?

Yes, yes! We all know that Dubai has won the Expo 20202. Who doesn’t know to be honest? We hear about it every time we turn the radio on and each time we stare at a magazine. It even seems like most email signatures has a 2020 logo in it. But what does it really […]


Why study business English in Dubai?

Nowadays, most people realise that they need to know some English if they want to be ahead professionally or maybe just for traveling. Whatever the reason is, being able to speak English is an important skill that most people need, especially in Dubai.  When studying business English, students will cover topics related to work and […]


7 tips on how to speak English

Speak English Institute has been working hard to bring you enjoyable, useful information on how to improve your spoken English in Dubai! [hozbreak] Tip 1: Meet people who don’t speak your language! This is arguably the most effective way you can improve your English fluency.  Speak English with others, whether they are native speakers or […]

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Best website to learn English

There are many great websites out there which can help you improve your English. However, there is one which stands out from the lot in my opinion. BBC Learning English is a great website for learners at an intermediate level and above. It offers so many things for non-native English speakers to improve their English […]