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Cost of Evening Business English

2 - 4 Weeks of Business English

2 days per week from 7pm 9pm


5 - 9 WeekS of Business English

2 days per week from 7pm 9pm


10 - 14 Weeks of Business English

2 days per week from 7pm 9pm


About our Business English Courses

Speak English institute’s Business English evening programmes in Dubai are specifically designed for professionals in Dubai looking to improve their English for work.

We work on the communication skills used in the workplace, and focus on the language and skills needed for typical business communication such as presentations, negotiations, meetings, small talk, socialising, email writing and more*. We also work to improve your general grammar, vocabulary and fluency.

*Not all topics are covered in just 5 weeks. We recommend students take at least 10 – 20 weeks to gain a greater knowledge of business English.

About our Business English Courses

Our Business English programmes in Dubai are a blend of theory and practice using practical activities based on Communicative Language Teaching (CLT) methodology. These sessions cover a wide spectrum of areas including

• the four language skills
• language analysis and awareness
• using internet tools / online learning
• developing materials
• promoting learner autonomy

Throughout the course, participants are encouraged to reflect on their own practice, consider alternative practices and try out a variety of classroom activities. The activities are matched to the linguistic level of the groups with a view to simultaneously developing their language skills.

Class activites

The percentages on the right are an indication of how much you will study on a specific skill. This may change depending on the teacher!

% of skills studies in class

Price includes

Registration fees, online learning, books and face-to-face training

Contact us to learn more about exact timing.

Exact days depends on student’s level. Contact us for more info.


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